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Penniro AU: The Neko Flirts by DAsKeTcHeRZ
Penniro AU: The Neko Flirts
"Whenever you need any assistance, I'm here. My lady." ~

I imagine Penny's personality stays constant whether as Penny or as Ladybug; confident, understanding and caring. While Hiro on the other hand is innocent and a good boy as Hiro but as Chat Noir---he's a lil bit of a bad boy.

I mean just look at this flirty bad lil' sexy neko. With those smirks and stares I think I m gonna melt.

Trust me, he's trying to impress her or somethin.

Also, I wanna base Hiro back story of becoming Chat Noir inspired by @redlhz on tumblr's 2D+3D Adrien Brothers AU (Miraculous Ladybug was an anime and currently turned to a 3D tv series. So 2D and 3D version  of the characters exists. And what redlhz did was made the 2D and 3D versions of Adrien as brothers. Check it out:…) So basically in this AU, Tadashi was the original Chat Noir. But before he left Hiro he gave his little brother the miraculous stone and gave him his last words and said, "Take care of yourself using this and help other people through it. I believe in you."
Penniro: Miraculous Ladybug AU by DAsKeTcHeRZ
Penniro: Miraculous Ladybug AU
Anonymous asked: "Draw a Miraculous ladybug Penniro AU; Hiro is Adrien/Chat Noir and Penny is Marinette/ladybug."

Two of my favorite OTPs in one picture? BLESS THIS ANON.

This idea is juz perfect!
MTIBHB+TadaHoneyAU: Babysitting by DAsKeTcHeRZ
MTIBHB+TadaHoneyAU: Babysitting
Anonymous asked: "Can we see Wilbur babysitting Dashi?"

Wilbur, a babysitter? Interesting. xD

I think Wilbur’s not really into kids though. Dashi being around the Hamada household ever since, there are times one of the members of the team has to stay to accompany the baby cinnamon roll, especially when no one is really available to do so. They decided to do it member by member to be fair. And every time it’s Wilbur’s turn he really gets irritated ‘cause Dashi loves to mess his hair a lot. Which is why from the first place Hiro advice him to wear something for his hair if he wants his hair to be away from those playful hands of baby Dashi. Lolol. But anyway, he got use to it throughout the experience, in fact, he enjoys it now as the little Hamada is growing up.

// waaaah, I'm on a five days break this weekend! Wooh! Might be able to update a lil more than I barely do this pass few months! And oh man---it's already turning November like yesterday was just August!

I wanna greet ya all a Happy Halloween in advance!! Hope ya all enjoy the day!

Inktober: Hamada Heroes AU by DAsKeTcHeRZ
Inktober: Hamada Heroes AU
The Hamadas in their VAs’ roles before they were hired by Disney to voice act them over.

Before they were the Hamadas, they were first:

Daniel Henney was Agent Zero in Marvel’s X-Men Origin: Wolverine

and Ryan Potter was Ninja Mike Fukanaga in Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas

Therefore I call this AU, AGENTADASHI AND NINJAHIRO. See what I did there?

The first thing that popped in my head to be some sort of base plot is that Tadashi went out to another country to work as an agent without informing Hiro that being an agent is actually his job ‘cause he doesn’t want him to worry. While Hiro being left behind back at San Fransokyo decided to be a secret ninja after being a victim of hostage once. He applied the karate lessons Tadashi taught him and trained even more day by day.

They were protectors of the city from different places. Although Tadashi travels throughout the world depend on where he s assigned to.

Until one time—they happen to be assigned on a mission WHICH THEY HAVE NO CLUE was the SAME from the other where it s occupied at their home, San Fransokyo. So during the progress of the operation there was a time they collided on a same area and there they finally found out each others’ secret and be like “YOU?!?”

After the mission they exchanged explanations and decided to continue their jobs BUT as partners. They intend to maintain communication more than they did when they didn’t know they hid the secret
  • Mood: Neutral
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  • Eating: Ramen
  • Drinking: Nestea

So has started for me last week. And starting this week it's gonna be a regular class and so on until July. I'm not sure if I'll still be able to post any updates nor not sure if I could really have the time to do one either 'cause I expect this is going to be harder than I thought. Lots of plates, projects, homeworks and stuff so---and I wanted to do a great job for my first year college so I can't promise you guys that I'll be active as much anymore but hopefully you'll still stick with me and stay tuned// but of course if you couldnt you may, feel free to do so.

Wish me luck for this year, phew it's a whole new world for me. I'll just see you guys around! Stay awesome~ Jaa~


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#KnGBFan #TioGa #ZaTia #KiyoGumi #ZeoRuru #BragoXSherry #SunbeamXElle #UtaPriFan #NaTtoki #IttoHaru #Epic #AnimeLover #Otaku #HERO #Animax #Animazing #ToeiAnimation #Funanimation

Zatch Bell Stamp by gash2plz Zatch bell stamp by hikaripachirisu KNGB luver stamp 8D by aki-Hayashibara
Gash Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Tio Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Kanchome Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Umagon Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Brago Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Hyde Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Zofis Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Ted Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Reira Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion
Kiyomaro Takamine Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Megumi Oumi Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Kafka Sunbeam Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Dufo Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Sherry Belmont Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Eido Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Koko Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Dr. Riddles Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Gash Bell - Kiyo Fan Stamp by Katsu14 Zatch Bell by gash2plz Scary Zatch by gash2plz Gash Bell by gash2plz Gashu Bell by gash2plz Cry Zatch by gash2plz Zatch Bell by gash2plz Zatch by gash2plz OMGWTFISTHAT Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion zatch comiendo atun by dianakudai27 Zeon-Fans by taihiwatari Zeno by thechaosmamodo Zatch and Zeno by thechaosmamodo

Zeno and Zatch signature by EdrianLodge

Name: DAsKeTcHeRZ
Nickname: KEL
Alternative Name: GashBellLover/K3U
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hobby: Sketching stuff while break time at school.
Biography: I'm DAsKeTcHeRZ, I was born in June 11. I'm a Pilipino. I was raised with a good heart, they teach me how to appreciate other people's opinion about me, because its no big deal to make them change it, 'cause they'll be the one who'll do it themselves. I'm not that friendly 'cause I usually am shy and quiet all the time. But I just hope for you guys to appreciate me about it. I like to draw, and when I discover Bleedman, I became a fan of him, and begun to be like him. I discovered him since year 2010 and day by day, I kept on practicing his style. 'Cause I admire him the most. I am a Bleedman Fan, and I am proud of it, 'cause I support his skills. "Sketch as you work" I say to you. Don't give up on reaching your dream my fellow Deviantart friends. 'Cause I support you!

Favourite Quote: "I was a coward too, but with my friends being by my side...courage builds up inside me!" -Zatch Bell

If I had the chance to disappear in this real world just for a little while...? I would cherish the time being in the Anime World. :)

My Favorite Artists and Those Artists that inspires me the Most:

Inspiring Filipino Artists:
:iconbleedman: :iconsercious: :iconmacciii: :iconmikeinel: :iconenjelia: :iconmalpart: :iconh3mlockd: :iconreiko-akire: :iconlureendscallin: :iconsatoshi21: :iconpak009: :iconpakwan008: :iconyukisnishika: :icontakashi11: :iconzeckos: :iconthisistrishamae: :iconjeanreginamika853:

Inspiring bleedman artists:
:iconovisniger: :iconjulif-art: :iconlorsean: :icondemon-lord-maxine: :iconyumoe: :iconbigsheezy: :iconzatyuki-zuki: :iconcrariss: :iconyukisnishika: :iconminymints: :iconredeyereaper: :iconhachimitsuzero16: :iconkarolyndread115: :iconpropimol: :icontakashi11: :iconkanoii-chi: :icon301096: :iconche999: :iconjerimin: :iconsenji-comics:

Inspiring Gash Bell Artists:
:iconpurplerubyred: :iconxx-pretty-skitty-xx: :icontench: :iconthedarkxelloss: :icontheluki986: :iconrylitah: :iconschieska: :icontriple333: :iconkato-kun2: :icontiaxmamodo: :icongaysalt: :iconlala2289: :icontaihiwatari: :iconshepherdessu: :icondonenaya: :iconkitkatnis: :icon191195: :iconlina-nyashilda: :iconhaltsi0n: :iconsuziepatutie: :iconcduki: :iconkaruros: :iconxnightkidsx: :iconmilestailsprower-007: :iconcrocell: :iconnemo-tv-champion: :icontaru-blue-angrybird:

Inspiring PPG artists:
:iconcmcc: :iconbleedman: :iconthedayissaved: :iconmacciii: :iconjksketchy: :icongeoffnet: :iconangriestangryartist::iconcc-kk: :iconpak009: :iconnoyver: :iconpropimol: :iconbipinkbunny: :iconkanoii-chi: :iconkazunapikachu: :icongamefanppg:

Inspiring Anime Artists:
:iconhachiimi: :iconzenithomocha: :iconledkalite: :icongofu-web: :icongashi-gashi: :iconinma: :iconvocaloidcvo04: :iconenjelia: :iconmikeinel: :iconlureendscallin: :iconreiko-akire: :iconpixieskull00: :iconlayla34:

Inspiring Disney Artists:
:iconjaeon009: :iconbriannacherrygarcia: :iconmilady666: :iconcosom:

Awesome Artists:
:iconsakimichan: :iconbenheine: :iconyukihomu: :iconeinnif: :iconluluseason: :iconendling: :iconsercious: :iconkiku-atama: :iconserushins: :iconvocaloidcvo04: :iconerohd: :iconenthriex: :icondiladi: :iconnova-blaze:

List of Requests:
*Sir Gene Mammon from :icon923gingerhansel:
*Comic page from friend in facebook
*Adventure time from two friends on facebook
*Paper child anime from two friends on facebook


*With :iconxxbloodywestxx:
*With :iconoverstart:

---KnGB Christmas FanArt :iconclauditapuffle:
---B-day gift for :iconjksketchy:
--- :iconkazunapikachu: Daske n her persona doing something together xDD

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