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BH6: Next Generation Hamada Brothers by DAsKeTcHeRZ BH6: Next Generation Hamada Brothers by DAsKeTcHeRZ

BH6: Long Lost Hamada Brother

A year before Tadashi and Honey dated (and before Tadashi died) one night, he and GoGo got drunk at a party then had sex. Of course, they agreed to forget about it by pretending it never happened and remained friends.

Everything was back to normal—Until GoGo realized she’s pregnant with Tadashi’s child. Not wanting to burden Tadashi with fatherhood and ruin her reputation, she kept the unborn baby a secret by wearing larger clothes then took a break by vacationing in Korea (she told her friends she was visiting her family) so she could deliver the baby in private then gave her family legal guardianship in order to finish school back at SFIT.

However, GoGo felt guilty about keeping Tae-Hyun a secret from Tadashi since he was the father so she planned to tell him in private until he and Honey Lemon revealed they were dating. Not wanting to ruin their relationship, GoGo continued to keep Tae-Hyun a secret. Even though GoGo felt like she was doing the right thing by not interfering with Tadashi and Honey’s relationship, she knew keeping her and Tadashi’s baby a secret was wrong so she finally decided she’d privately tell him—Until the explosion killed him.

A few months after the funeral, GoGo knew she had to tell aunt Cass and Hiro about their child since they were his family and they had the right to know but before she could, Baymax scanned Honey one morning and his results revealed she’s pregnant. With Tadashi’s child. Not wanting to create even more conflict, GoGo didn’t tell anyone, not even Hiro or aunt Cass, about Tae-Hyun.

A few years after Dashi, now 15, had been born, GoGo was Face Timing with Tae-Hyun, now 16, when her friends walked in and GoGo quickly hung up. However, everyone saw Tae-Hyun and questioned who he was, so GoGo lied by claiming he’s her nephew. Of course, they all wanted to meet Tae-Hyun and begged GoGo to bring him to San Fransokyo until she finally gave in.

When GoGo picked up Tae-Hyun from the airport, she told him during the car ride: “I know I’m your mom but my friends don’t know you’re my son so, as much as I love you, can you please call me ‘aunt Ethel’ until you move back to Korea?” to which Tae-Hyun agreed.

When the gang finally met Tae-Hyun, they were delighted yet couldn’t help but wonder why he looked so much like Tadashi but with GoGo’s eyes and nose. Deciding it would be best not to question GoGo, who was no doubt exhausted from waking up early to pick up her “nephew”, especially since her apartment was a long drive from the airport.

At first everything went according to plan. Everyone bought that Tae-Hyun was GoGo’s nephew since he called her “aunt Ethel”. Until one evening, everyone was helping Cass clean up her café after work when Tae-Hyun saw a chair that was stacked on one of the tables about to fall on GoGo. Before he could stop himself, he accidentally shouted: “MOM, WATCH OUT!”

Although GoGo was able to save herself before the chair fell on her, everyone heard Tae-Hyun call her “mom” and asked why he did if she’s his aunt. Knowing there’s no point in lying to them anymore, GoGo finally told the truth. “No, I’m not Tae’s aunt. I’m his mother.”

When asked who the father was, GoGo revealed Tadashi is. That’s when it finally clicked to everyone why Tae looks like Tadashi but with GoGo’s eyes and nose. GoGo told everyone about her and Tadashi getting drunk at the party, which resulted in her pregnancy due to unprotected sex.

When asked if she ever told Tadashi, GoGo said she didn’t and explained why. She even admitted all the times she contemplated telling him but every time, a roadblock prevented her: Tadashi dating Honey Lemon, the explosion, and Honey’s pregnancy.

Figuring everyone was angry at her, especially Honey, GoGo apologized then said she’d move back to Korea with Tae, feeling like she was undeserving of their forgiveness for lying to them. Until Honey stopped her. As she approached her, GoGo awaited the verbal smack down she felt like she rightfully deserved. But instead, Honey pulled GoGo into a tight hug.Confused, GoGo asked Honey, “Why are you hugging me? Aren’t you angry?” To which Honey replied, “Angry? Why would I be angry? You said what happened between you and Tadashi was an accident, right? And this was before Tadashi and I dated. I’m not angry at all, GoGo. You’re my best friend and I love you.” Touched by her forgiveness, GoGo returned the hug and broke down crying, relieved she didn’t ruin the friendship between her and Honey.

As everyone else gathered around the two woman to form a group hug, Tae and Dashi looked at each other. Seeing the awkwardness between the two boys, everyone feared they wouldn’t get along since it’s just revealed that they were related all along. But much to their surprise, the boys instead smiled then hugged each other, happy knowing they were brothers, even if they had different moms.Seeing the two half brothers bonding, GoGo made a mutual agreement with her family to gain full custody of Tae so he could legally live with her in San Fransokyo.

And thus, Tae-Hyun Tomago was welcomed into the Hamada household, catching up on long lost family bonding with his half brother Dashi, uncle Hiro, great aunt Cass, and little cousin Cassidy.
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KinimiHucashi Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Student General Artist
Lovely backstory and complimentary painting~
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This is great, the story and picture.
Licilou Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016
Also, I find it really cute how Tae-hyun is wearing the style of clothes Gogo wears and how Dashi is wearing a sweater like Honey lemon.
Licilou Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016
This is such an amazing picture. I would really like to know more about these two.
tehwatcher Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016
1st so beautiful

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3rd nice story
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